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Bachelorette Disco Party Bus

Bachelorette Disco Party Bus

You are just days away from your wedding and want to make your bachelorette season memorable. Your wedding is perfect, so why not make it even more special? We understand that you have many things on your mind when planning and getting ready for the big day. Please let go, relax and enjoy our Party Bus, the ultimate gift for you and your friends.

What to expect in our bachelorette disco party bus?

Our luxury bus is one of a kind. The outer leaves’ tongue is wagging, and people are mesmerized by their sheer beauty. The interior is a different kettle of fish altogether. It has the latest technology, with laser lighting, a state-of-the-art music system, a large TV set, and an atmosphere to make you forget you were inside a bus. In our eyes, you are a star and should be treated as one. At this moment, life’s one big party, and the party starts right here on our party bus. Light it up, and let’s release your inner child as you prepare for the time of your life.

Our staff on the bus is very accommodating. They are fun and easy to get along with as you understand the meaning of partying on wheels. They know you are on this coach bus to have the time of your life, and they will give you just that. They will serve you exotic drinks and cater to your need to make you feel special and pampered. They will leave you feeling as though you are already in the venue of your party. The slogan” the customer is king” is our guide. And because of that, everyone who seeks our services gets our undivided attention. Over the years that we’ve been doing this, we have learned from various customers what it takes to make a bachelorette party memorable. We’ve perfected it and put it into practice every time. Let us know what you would want us to do for you. We listen and make it happen. Your comfort and satisfaction are top on our agenda; therefore, our exclusive shuttle bus will have you cruising through New Jersey and New York like the boss lady. Your friends will have so much fun that your party will become the benchmark.

Our friendly and engaging assistants are at your beck and call. Get in touch at 1-617-440-8414, so we can chat you up and discuss whatever could make your party the best the city has yet. They will discuss the rates per person and organize the right package for you and your girls. At $15 per person for an hour, you can be sure to get the best rental rates in town for the kind of invaluable service we are offering. Our large fleet of buses goes wherever you want us to. We cannot be contained; we serve you in other states, such as Connecticut and Pennsylvania. Party on the wheels with us and create a lasting memory.


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